Object Detection
with PyTorch

From simple models to current State of The Art

Our main goal is to give you a deep understanding of ideas and problems that stand behind Object Detection task without going deep into mathematics

Andrey Nikishaev

ML Tech Lead @ 20KL

Entrepreneur and Software Engineer with 15+ years of experience. Specialist in HL+HA and BigData Systems.

Was working with Top10 IT product companies. The last 3 year mostly engaged in ML projects.

Currently developing Real-Time gaming recommendation engine heavily based on Computer Vision.

Alexandr Lazukin

Marketing Lead @ 20KL

Current Entrepreneur and Marketing Specialist with over 7 years of experience successfully combining inbound and outbound marketing.

Helping businesses in different areas to get the most of marketplace opportunities, brand strength, and customer insight.

Currently bringing educational e-courses to the world on topics such as Marketing Management, Marketing automation, Machine Learning.

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